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Extract from the 1st Blog  


 But for now my main concern is to get a good body of poems set up in the poems section, writing notes at their foot where they may help some readers access the poems. There's no sense in which the notes explain away the poems, or even thoroughly chart their contents. Once a poem is written it begins to have an independent life from the poet. A reader will bring their own history and set of responses to it, and perceptions of their own, too. The language has a life of its own, in culture and through history. The poet, the writer, borrows it for their own purposes, temporarily waylays the words and conscripts them into a little personal campaign. It is rare that the poet is making up new words. On the whole, they are borrowing already existing ones, but amplifying and extending, adjusting, their meanings within the context of the campaign that is the poem or text.


So there is a kind of bargaining process taking place, a transaction between the writer and the language, during which words and meanings are negotiated. And then the reader steps in and a whole further process is set in motion. And then other readers may make that engagement and talk to each other about what they thought, how they read it etc ..... and the overlapping ripples go ever outward through society, through culture, through history.