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By tonymitton, Aug 26 2014 10:50AM

I haven't been adding new poems even though I've written quite a few since last posting up. I'll go and look at my file of poems written since my last posting and choose one to put in. I may do a couple more over the next week too. I've been sorting my adult poems into files with a view to selecting a sample for a pamphlet which I'll self-publish with a local printer. I may then work out how to make this available by post via this website for a small fee to cover costs and postage.

Till soon, best wishes, Tony Mitton 26th August 2014 11.50am

By tonymitton, Jun 20 2014 08:34AM

I have quite a few new poems to add to the Poems page on this site. By 'new' I mean poems written across the last year. I am hoping to clear some proper time soon so I can choose which best to place. Also, I may feel one or two need adjusting first. I hope to be doing this over the next month or so. Starting, I think, next week. Best wishes, Tony Mitton

By tonymitton, Apr 23 2013 01:09PM

Well, Spring seems to be with us at last. To celebrate this fact I shall post up a new poem on the Poems page. Do please go and take a read. It's short and simple. Well, it's short. 'Simple' is always an arguable property. How simple is William Carlos Williams' 'the red wheelbarrow' poem? The words are pretty clear and simple, but what is the poem doing? What's it for? Simple can be a box whose bottom drops out into an emptiness of uncertainty, bafflement and wonder. I think I know what the Williams poem 'does'. But am I right?

Anyway, do just go and read my poem 'The End'. I took the first line from Glyn Maxwell's book 'On Poetry' where a student (I think he's fictitious) gives that out to the rest of his group as a starting line to build up a poem from. ' This is the end of the poem.' he gives them, with an air of challenge. I put the book down and took up the challenge right away. I wrote 3 poems starting with that line, but think this one here, The End, now on the Poems page of this site, is the best as a poem.

Nearly time for lunch now, so I'll post this up and go and sort that out. Bye for now, Tony

By tonymitton, Nov 23 2012 10:11AM

I'm aware I have not been using the blog facility on this site since I set up with my first post. I do intend to do it more regularly once things have settled.

My excuse is that I haven't been too well lately. I had a stinker of a cold which is still lingering (as they do) and making me feel decrepit and several degrees under.

I've also been getting back pain trouble, but that's another story which could have its own dedicated website. It does however prompt me to write about pain, which, while painful, yes, is a very interesting subject when you look into the theoretical side of it. If you are reading this and suffer from 'chronic pain' of any kind, I suggest most keenly that you look into the work of an american doctor called John Sarno (John E. Sarno MD). Key books of his are: Healing Back Pain, The Mindbody Prescription & The Divided Mind. If you live in the UK you should check out Georgie Oldfield (by training a Senior Physiotherapist) based in Huddersfield. She is at the centre of a UK network called Sirpa ( They follow the Sarno diagnosis which I have found most convincing and helpful. I speak as one who has exhausted all mainstream medical channels in respect of my recurrent lower back pain. I have also resorted to many or most of the alternative or complementary approaches to this problem. What seems to be working best, most helpfully, is Sarno's TMS / PPD diagnosis and method, though I'm not out of the woods yet. Plenty of hope and positive method, however, which keeps me going.

I want to add some more new poems soon. I have a large backlog of work but don't wish to put poems onto this site indiscriminately. Once or twice I've put poems on then taken them off again due to reservations as to their worth and interest. I want the poems on this site to be my best or better ones.

I'd also like to make a bit more time for writing about poetry on the thoughts page. This will reflect not just what I've written or am in the process of writing, but may also reflect what I've been reading and what has impressed me in various ways, whether by style, content, mood or whatever.

Last point: I note with pleasure and gratitude that the site has had over 1000 hits now. A hit may mean little more than a brief glimpse at the contents of the site. Or it may mean someone reading for some time, or even taking copies of poems for personal use and coming back again later for new things coming up. If you are a regular reader, or simply if you like something on the site, do please leave a note in the Guestbook. It can really help to keep the spirits up. And questions there are also welcome. I try to look at it at least every other day or so and will reply there if necessary or relevant.

All my best, and thank you for coming here.

Tony Mitton, Cambridge 10.10am , Friday 23rd November 2012

ps it's late, I know, but this weekend I hope to be making my Christmas Puddings. Usually two. The same recipe for about 25 years now, I'd say. A pudding is not a poem but there could be points of comparison.

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