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Spring at last 23.4.13

By tonymitton, Apr 23 2013 01:09PM

Well, Spring seems to be with us at last. To celebrate this fact I shall post up a new poem on the Poems page. Do please go and take a read. It's short and simple. Well, it's short. 'Simple' is always an arguable property. How simple is William Carlos Williams' 'the red wheelbarrow' poem? The words are pretty clear and simple, but what is the poem doing? What's it for? Simple can be a box whose bottom drops out into an emptiness of uncertainty, bafflement and wonder. I think I know what the Williams poem 'does'. But am I right?

Anyway, do just go and read my poem 'The End'. I took the first line from Glyn Maxwell's book 'On Poetry' where a student (I think he's fictitious) gives that out to the rest of his group as a starting line to build up a poem from. ' This is the end of the poem.' he gives them, with an air of challenge. I put the book down and took up the challenge right away. I wrote 3 poems starting with that line, but think this one here, The End, now on the Poems page of this site, is the best as a poem.

Nearly time for lunch now, so I'll post this up and go and sort that out. Bye for now, Tony

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