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By tonymitton, Apr 19 2018 09:11AM

This is just publications news. My novel, Potter's Boy, was published last November 2017. It got a very nice little review in the Financial Times + other very positive online reviews of various kinds. It's being published in several other countries so far, Netherlands, Vietnam (probably both in translation) and in USA in Jan 2019, under the adapted title 'The Potter's Boy' as they fear over there that there might be confusions with a certain other Potter. I've agreed to that as I feel they probably know their public better than I do. Also, that other title, with the definite article, did vie with 'Potter's Boy' as a possible alternative for a while. So now it can be both.

It's on the Branford Boase Award long list at present. One of about 20 books. The shortlist (often about 7 books, I think) will be announced on 2nd May 2018. So we're in with a chance there, fingers crossed,

though not too tightly, as awards are not the be all and end all of literary quality and status. For a writer

they can be distracting. So one should remain circumspect. And just quietly grateful for the attention/acknowledgement that a shortlist or indeed a prize might bring.

At a more modest, but for me no less significant level, I have set up my own imprint called Plain Words Publishing. This is a means to organise my lifetime's accumulation of adult poems into some kind of

coherent shape. Apart from this website, I've done almost nothing in the past to circulate this work. The website helps to avoid what I call 'The Emily Dickinson Effect', that of continuing to write poems that go nowhere else but to a trunk, or these days to a box file or lever arch thingy, weighing on one's bookshelf and one's conscience as something to be dealt with.

My first poetry pamphlet / small book consists of 21 poems chosen from poems written between 2000 and 2017. It's called Breath Words. If you're interested, simply email me at my business email : [email protected] and I can arrange to send a copy out to you. I shall probably post my circular letter and the book introduction on this News page shortly.

I hope also to be adding new poems to the poems list here soon, and maybe removing some oldies that I'm no longer so keen on. That's well overdue...

Yours in the Word, Tony ;)

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