You only have

this living, breathing moment.


Nothing is fixed

as you read this passage,

ride this tide.


Everything changes

with slow and steady flux

or sudden transformation

or dramatic impact.


However it may be,

everything changes.


This fact

is neither threat nor promise

but simple actuality

just as it happens.


The past appears

in the theatre of memory

retelling the multi-faceted stories

of what may have taken place.


The future, similarly,

shimmers its shadow plays,

its fabrications of fear and desire,

cobwebs of fancy

in the imagination.


And our minds oscillate

between these two phantom zones.


We have these, yes, to play in,

but they are only thoughts, imaginings,

illusory by nature,

elusive in substance,

& can only be accessed

in this living, moving present


drawing us ever nearer

to a momentous transformation

our finite minds can barely comprehend.