The glossy blackbird

with its beady eye

and yellow bill  


perches on that

bare and twiggy branch

within this winter chill.


Beneath a mellow sun,

above the white snow,


somehow it seems to know


that there is just this holy moment,


only this one.

Note   This poem splices actuality with a graphic image. There is indeed a blackbird I often watch from the window by the desk where I often write. Also this last Christmas we received a card with an image as described in the poem above. I was recently doing a mindfulness of breathing meditation, a version that focuses on being-in-the-moment. As I emerged from this I was looking directly at the image of the blackbird. I found myself thinking of how birds and animals naturally occupy a state that we humans have to meditate to access, although sometimes we can slip into such a state by chance, by circumstance, for a short time. The poem verbalises this notion.


You may also note that the poem perches (birdlike? :) between free verse and patterned poetry. The rhymes and the assonant echoes (internal vowel sounds) may nudge you into noticing this.