Letting Go


Let go of the past,

the thoughts, the feelings,

let them go.


For now,

allow yourself to be

this slowly breathing moment.


Let an inward glow

radiate outward,

breathing health

through all the being

of the whole body.


Yes, let all else go.


Allow yourself, now,

to breathe and grow.  


Note   This is a companion poem to the poem ‘Insight’ also posted nearby on the website (with a note attached -- see that). This poem ‘Letting Go’ is a poetic formulation of a meditation technique taught by Howard Schubiner as part of a series of processes designed to counteract Chronic Pain via MBS methods. The meditation technique appears to be a customised version of ‘Mindfulness of Breathing’ Meditation, which is a form much used in Buddhist practices. MBS stands for MindBody Syndrome, sometimes known as PPD (Psycho-Physiological Disorder), also TMS (Tension Myoneural Syndrome / as defined by John Sarno). The poem, however, I would insist, is still just a poem in its own right and can be meaningfully read without knowledge given in this note. Try it and see.