Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Tony Mitton and I have mostly until now been known as a poet for children and a writer of verse picture books for the very young.


If you wish to look up that part of my work you will find full information on it at my other website .


This website, however, is for the work I have done across my life so far as a poet without reference to children or targeted readerships. It is in that sense that I call it my ‘Adult Poetry Website’. It is intended as an outlet for the work I have always done, on and off, as a poet rather than poet-for-children.


My relative success as a poet and writer for children has taken up so much of my time and energy across the last 25 years that my work as an adult poet has remained unrepresented in the public world. I’ve continued to write poems not intended for children throughout my life. But the combined pressures of writing and performing as a children’s writer have leaned against putting my adult work about in effective ways. This website is an attempt to redress the balance.


So on this website I intend to post poems and prose. The poems will be lyric, the prose will mostly be about poetry and poetics. At this stage I have no plan to include the work of other poets. I intend the site as a personal showcase, an alternative to self-publishing. The idea is simply to make my work visible, if possible to gain regular readership. Hopefully people will come back to the site at regular intervals, in order to read new poems as I post them up. If they like my work they may become regular readers.


At this stage I have no commercial intentions for the site. I happily here give permission for site followers to print out poems they like for their own personal reading, for sending to friends, for any kind of use that is not for financial gain. Should anyone wish to use a poem in an anthology or for some other commercial outlet then they would have to pay me for permission through my literary agent (Caroline Walsh at David Higham Associates) at standard going literary rates (as defined by The Society of Authors). These are really quite modest, incidentally.


It’s also possible that at some time in the future I may self-publish a collection of selected poems from the site (+ others). In that case I might use the site to outlet it for a modest price including postage. Another option might be to ‘Kindle’ a collection that readers can access that way. Time will tell. But, whatever, I hope the site itself will prove a satisfying source of poems and poetry comment.


Additional note:


I first set this site up about 5 years ago. It's now early 2017 and my web designer, Kate MacRae, has just finished adapting it to make it compatible with phones, tablets and other devices, since many people now access the web from devices other than standard computers and laptops. It has a simpler, less fussy overall look now. And the white background means that it's much easier to print out or copy poems should people wish to do this, as suggested above.


I hope you find a poem or two here that speaks to you in helpful, interesting or entertaining ways.


Best wishes,     Tony Mitton