Living quietly, as we do,

sitting and breathing

under the great sky,

our lives can seem so dry.


True, we have the pond

in which to dip ourselves,

to remind us of the desired



But much of our time

is spent in air,

staring vacantly,

neither out nor in,

but with a calm blankness.


A still pond

soothes our spirits

as we sit, surrounded

by all the scent and colour

of the garden.


Only sometimes

does a soft breeze

ripple the surface

of the smooth pool.


Ah, but when the rain comes!


The sky breaks open

with muffled thunder.


Great drops of joy

come falling around us,  

plashing the ground

and splashing our skin

till we glisten

with a wet radiance.


This is our time,

when most of nature


to shelter itself

from the storm.


Oh, but for us,

this is an epiphany

of liquid.


Rainbows awake

on our pulsing bodies

as we croak with ecstasy.


At last we are drenched

with the water that falls from the sky.


This is what we wait for,

the elemental reward

of all our patience,

our quiet sitting.


See how our throats

inflate with the thrill

as we tilt our grateful heads



And even as the rain retracts

you will still see us,

gleaming with pleasure

in our setting of wet jewels.